Families We Can Best Serve

We specialize in helping baby boomers achieve their retirement goals. We accomplish that by focusing our time, resources, and research in areas we believe most matter to our clients—creating lifetime incomes, managing risks, and preserving capital.

Most of our clients have been with us for years, and many for decades. We believe these long-term relationships are what set our practice apart and give us the crucial insights into our clients’ needs, concerns and aspirations, on which we formulate our advice.

In the same way that we choose our friends and our life partner, we believe individuals should pick financial advisors who share their life view and their personal values, and, more importantly, are people they can find chemistry with and trust.

While every client we serve is unique, the following are some universal qualities they share that make them the best clients in our mind and ones we are privileged to serve:

  • Retired or within five years of retirement
  • Enthusiastic about their life goals
  • Committed to financial independence
  • Appreciate the concept of simplicity
  • Open to professional advice
  • Have investable assets of $500,000 or more

If you share these qualities and are looking for a financial advisor to help you achieve your retirement goals, please contact us at 425-273-0736 or [email protected].

We wish you the best.