In Meena's Words

Hello Readers,

I’d like to think what makes me different from other financial advisors are my unique skill set, rigorous academic training, and extensive work experience.

My natural affection for planning . . .

Whether it’s cooking for two or preparing for a 20-year retirement, I believe proper planning is the key to success.

The approach I take to retirement planning is similar to the one I took to planning the 50-course dinner for my brother’s 50th birthday, which is to combine meticulous planning and precise execution with a healthy dose of passion.

Though I cannot cook a 50-course dinner for all of my clients, every one of them will get the same thoughtful and organized approach I take to help them achieve their retirement goals. After more than two decades of working as a financial advisor, my business philosophy is still the same—it is my clients' ability to achieve their retirement goals that I define my success.

My personal interest in writing . . . 

Throughout the years, I have enjoyed being a personal finance columnist and an award-winning book writer. Apart from the visceral joy I get from writing, the process of putting thoughts to words has taught me two things that have made me a better financial advisor.

One, writing has helped me develop an intellectual curiosity to explore beyond the headlines and to focus on the “real story.” As my mother often said, things are seldom as bad, or as good, as they seem.

Two, writing has honed my ability to empathize. Personally, I believe the best writers are those who can empathize with their characters; and the best financial advisors are those who can step into their clients’ shoes to understand their values, their concerns, and their dreams.

My extensive training and experience . . .

I believe proper financial and investment planning require exceptional foresight built on a strong foundation of academic training and professional experience.

Prior to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner in 1996, I spent years working as a CPA in the Puget Sound area. The rigorous training required by these two professions coupled with my 20+ years of wealth management experience have given me the deep insight and market knowledge to be the kind of financial advisor I would want for my parents.

IN SUMMARY, what makes me different from other financial advisors are my affection for planning, my ability to step into my clients’ shoes, and my experience in offering clear financial solutions to my clients.

I wish you great success in your retirement! Please contact me to see how I can help you achieve your retirement goals.