Penguini's Story

Do you see the proverbial glass half full or half empty? Do you see failure a bridge to the future or to nowhere? Do you see money a means to an end or an end in itself?

Welcome to the World of Perspectives, where we each see the world through our colored lenses.

Here at Impact Financial, our job requires us to read reams of news and research every day. Invariably, we will come across stories that make us pause, scratch our head, or laugh out loud. We think these stories are such gems that we want to find a way to share them with our friends and clients.

Welcome to the World of Penguini, where we see the world just a bit differently.

Penguini is an irreverent cartoon character we created to help capture the essence of a story worth sharing. After all, we believe capturing what is important for our clients to help them achieve their retirement goals is what we do exceptionally well.

So with a bit of tongue in cheek here and there, we hope to bring you a smile, which in our mind is the best vitamin C in the world.


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